Ladybirds (3 months to 2 years)


At Muddy Boots, we specialise in babies. Our Ladybird team plans each day with flexibility to meet the needs of each baby’s routine, with specialised plans for each baby to ensure his or her development socially and physically.

We value fresh air and outdoor time for all of our children, and we know our babies love the outdoors! We take the time to get them appropriately dressed and outside as much as possible. Our Ladybirds’ indoor play rooms are self-contained on the nursery’s first floor. The discovery room allows children to experiment with pretend play, music, and other toys, while also offering a quiet area for books, having a cuddle, or hiding away in a den. The creation room provides opportunities for smaller group activities and messier sensory and creative play. There is also a separate room with cots for quieter nap times. If your baby’s older brother or sister is already with us, please ask about our family discount.